New [Confusing] Ratzinger Text about Jews Avoids Accurate Answers

The former Benedict XVI has published a text about the Jews in the theological journal Communio.

According to (July 6), the text entitled „Grace and vocation without remorse”, is signed on October 26, 2017, with “Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI”.

It is a reflection given to Cardinal Kurt Koch who convinced Ratzinger to publish it.

The text deals with two themes, the "theory of substitution" and the fact that "the covenant was [obviously] never abrogated". Ratzinger is however more interested in political correctness than in theological truth.

He claims that it is "basically true" that "Israel is not substituted by the Church" but this is only true in a sociological, not in a theological sense, because after Christ "there is no distinction between Jews and Greeks" (Rom 10,12).

Thus, there cannot be a "Jewish" way of salvation without Christ as the heretic, Cardinal Walter Kasper, has claimed.

By not making clear distinctions, Ratzinger's text is a source of confusion not of clarity.

Contradicting his previous claim that he refuses political messianism, Ratzinger even claims that the [secular] State of Israel "may express in a broader sense God's faithfulness to the people of Israel" - a theses strongly refuted by religious Jews.

A similar confusion Ratzinger creates when speaking about the "covenant that was never abrogated". It is a common understanding that Christ did not abrogate the covenant but fulfill it.

Saint Paul however states that those religious Jews who refused Christ's eternal covenant, "lack understanding" (Rom 10,2). He calls them "disobedient", "obstinate" (Rom 10,21), rejected (Rom 11,15), unfaithful (Rom 11,23), hardened (Rom 11,25), godless (Rom 11,26) and enemies (Rom 11,28).

So the covenant is still in place but those Jews who have distanced themselves from it, have no benefit out of it, because "it is not the children by physical descent who are God’s children, but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abraham’s offspring" (Rom 9,8).

Picture: © Madrid11, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsXocjtyekxp
At least Ratzinger is consistent. Since he is an ecumenist in his mind the Jews are not required to accept Christ since the old covenant is efficascious. No different than a Lutheran, Hindu, or Buddhist. After all aren't we seeking a higher power? Of course this goes against the 1st commandment.
BXVI excels that evil minded current occupant, but this blurring of the old and New Covenant is very problematic. Christ Jesus is the Messiah.
@yuca2111 No, Benedict is not much different than the other Vatican II popes. Visiting and praying with jews. Visiting synagogues. Praying in Mosques with Moslems. Benedict changed the Good Friday prayer to appease the jews. The jews like him very much.…/A252rcRatzJewsi…

In the picture from the link you can even see Cardinal Burke with the jews awarding Benedict.
This smells like a bergoglian fairy tale, constructed to affirm Bergoglio's heresy in Evangelii Gaudium 247 that the old covenant wasn't broken when it actually is, and I'm sure that it was made for the intention to make antipope Francis look good... in the past we have seen how some people come forth with "what benedict said" and then time later, to know the full context that says otherwise.