Belgium: Cycle Path Through A Church

Sint Kristoffel Church in Maasmechelen, Belgium, will be converted by 2024 at a cost of €1.3M to allow bicycles to pass through (Catho.be, 15 June).

This craziness is called "Pray and Ride". A glass wall will separate the bike and walk path from the meeting room with a Eucharistic meal table, which will be pushed to one side.

Although there will still be church services in Sint-Kristoffel, there will also be other activities such as concerts and performances. So far, half of the necessary money is missing, but the local council wants to start the reconstruction already this year.


The New Knights Templar
Might as well do that, it isn't a church anyway, it's what is left of one.
I don’t know what faith would allow this but I do know it is NOT Catholic! They stole our churches people.