A SINGLE Case! Accuses "Abuse Hoax" - It's Even Worse

The big 2018 study about sexual abuses on behalf of the German bishops - which sent shock waves through the worldwide Church - accused 204 priests in Bavaria and has turned out to be a bombastic fabrication.

It put prosecutors under pressure who opened 148 criminal investigations. At the end, charges were pressed against one single priest, the Bavarian Justice Ministry announced on August 6.

In the case of 56 accused priests criminal offences could be excluded already after the very first police inquires. In total, 139 cases were dropped. Seven were handed over to public prosecutors outside Bavaria. One priest died during the investigation. is one of the few Catholic portals which has been emphasising for years that what is called "clerical abuse scandal" is grossly exaggerated by lawyers, oligarch media and intimidated, cowardly bishops.

Picture: © Journolink Journolink, CC BY, #newsAdojqdtvhw