“We applaud President Biden’s restoration of the DACA program, and we also strongly encourage him and the U.S. Congress to immediately enact legislation that provides a path to citizenship for Dreamers,” leading U.S. bishops stated on Thursday.

U.S. bishops applaud Biden's actions on immigration

.- The U.S. bishops’ conference applauded President Joe Biden for halting some deportations and preserving the DACA program on his first day in …
Here we go. Viva Estados Unidos. Moar New Democrat Voters just in case outright fraud isn't enough.
Child of Our Lady
Yes let's go ahead and disregard laws & make it up as we go. It took my wife (God rest her soul) almost 2 years to get her citizenship. She was giddy as a kid in a candy store the first time she got to vote. I have 2 words for you Biden & I won't post them here.