The Privileged Grace of Taskless Design

It seems to us that the eternal love of the Son of God for Mary powerfully solicited this great wonder on behalf of this Holy Virgin; and, if we consult our hearts, we will not be afraid to add that God owed it to his mother to tear her from the contagion of sin and the rage of the devil: for at last what would we not have done ourselves, if we had been able, to save our mothers from such misfortune? Even now if we had only to desire and will to adorn them with wealth, talents, fortune, would the whole of nature be rich enough to satisfy the desires of any one of us? Would the Son of God be the only one who would not wish to have the purest and happiest of mothers? Oh! we cannot believe it; no, no, we will not insult Jesus by thinking that he had less love for his mother than we did for ours. Hey! let it not be said that Mary could have been only a moment stained with sin! Alas! we do not understand what it is like to be for a moment the enemy of one's God and the slave of the devil. But Jesus, who understood him, could not suffer him; Mary had never consoled herself: this stain of a moment would have wilted and dishonored such a beautiful life; and once again the Son of God owed it to his mother to spare him this pain and shame.

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