Moderate Voice: Nobel Physics Laureate Sees No 'Climate Change'

Dr John Clauser, the 2022 Nobel Laureate in Physics, challenges those who talk up climate hysteria.

"Good news! There is no climate crisis... As much as it may upset many people, my message is that the planet is not in danger," he says.

In an interview in American Thought Leaders, the professor argues that there is a misunderstanding about the main mechanism controlling the climate, challenging the conventional idea that attributes this role mainly to carbon dioxide (CO₂).

He emphasises the importance of the impact of clouds on the Earth's heat balance, an aspect that has been underestimated.

Cloud cover has a significant impact on the Earth's heat balance because clouds reflect sunlight back into space.

In reviewing the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and US National Academy of Sciences reports, Clauser was alarmed by the "sloppiness of the work" and the lack of understanding of the role of clouds in these reports, calling them "bad science".

He points out that misinformation has been promoted by politicians and public figures in the field.


Mary Louise Veritas
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