With reference to the COVID-19 vaccine what does the US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas mean by coercing a medical procedure that they “cannot undo.”?

“Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in dissent that the case was about whether the administration has the authority “to force healthcare workers, by coercing their employers, to undergo a medical procedure they do not want and cannot undo.” He said the administration hadn’t shown convincingly that Congress gave it that authority.”
Supreme Court halts COVID-19 vaccine rule for US businesses
Is there any other “cannot undo” vaccine? Everything I know has a lifespan. I think this is referring to the mRNA technology?
The truth will come out sooner or later and those that promoted or even mandate these unproved injections will face justice aswell , Focus on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ,not on those that sold their souls
Simple. Once you've been injected with a vaccine, you're stuck with it and all that follows.