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Murder of Father José Manuel, 39

Aid to the Church in Need: "With great sadness and shock, ACN has received the painful news of the murder of the Venezuelan priest José Manuel de Jesús Ferreira, parish priest of the Eucharistic Shrine of San Juan Bautista in the diocese of San Carlos de Cojedes and project partner of ACN.

According to the information from the diocese of San Carlos, the murder took place after the celebration of the Eucharist yesterday evening- due to COVID restrictions with a very small group of people. When they were saying goodbye, the assailant held one of the worshippers and the priest stepped in to help that person. It was then that he was shot in the chest with a bullet that pierced his heart."
Es fehlen die Worte - alles Leid werden wir bald wohl nur noch stumm ertragen müssen.