Doctors propose punishment for citizens refusing COVID-19 vaccination — tax penalties, higher insurance premiums, denial of government & private services

Compulsory vaccination for everyone is the only way to defeat COVID-19

opinion Opinion contributors Published 12:28 AM EDT Aug 10, 2020 To win the war against the novel coronavirus that has killed nearly 163,000 people …
Alex A
@Novella Nurney> Good luck and prayers.!
Novella Nurney
I really do wonder about all this. Due to a medical condition my neurologist for 24 years now has always told me to never get a flu vaccine. This appears on the surface to be a similar type of vaccination. I see him Sept. 2nd for my follow up. It will be interesting to see what he says
You trust in yourself, in product of your mind. You do NOT TRUST in GOD !
You TRUST your false lord whose name is SATAN !
Why do they care? If they cared they would do all they can to stop abortion. It is all about the almighty $$
Alex A
D.O.G.'s-Doctors Over God
"Everything you fear or love haunts you. That is why when you are afraid of death, death chases you, while when you love God, His mercy pursues you. " Father Dionysios Tampakis