Sarah: Westerners Hijack Synod to Advance Bourgeois Christianity

Who is against “the Pope” is outside of the Church, Cardinal Robert Sarah, 74, told Corriere.it (October 7).

For him every pope is the “right one” for his time because Divine Providence “sees very well.” He stresses that there is “a great harmony and continuity” between Benedict XVI and Francis, “as everyone has been able to see in these years.”

Sarah worries however that some Westerners are hijacking the ongoing Synod “to advance their plans.” He calls this “dishonest and misleading.”

Using the synod for abolishing celibacy and introducing female and lay ministries “would be an unworthy manipulation, dishonest deception, an insult to God,” he explains.

The cardinal criticises that there are priests, bishops and even unfaithful cardinals [but no popes?] who “disorient the Christian faithful with their confused, ambiguous and liquid language.”

It is shocking and “abominable” for him that the Amazonian poor are “used as an excuse to support projects typical of a "bourgeois" and "worldly" Christianity.”

Sarah admits that ecology and poverty are important questions, but “nobody is interesting in a Church of that kind.”

Picture: Robert Sarah, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsQssngmuirx

Cardinal Sarah is controlled opposition.
De Profundis
Cardinal Sarah on the Synod
Here again
This is a pathetic attempt to avoid dealing with a very frightening reality. This is cowardice, a failure to stand up for what is obvious. The words and actions of this man, Pope Francis, shout to the world that he is in control.

Thank you BrAlexis for your articles
I fear Cardinal Sarah is engaging in "smoke and mirrors".
My comments, having read the Italian original fromrome.wordpress.com/…/cardinal-sarahs…
Therefore, even Cardinal Sarah will not help.
If Bergoglio is a good "Pope", then we have nothing more to talk about.
For all this, we are going to witness a real catastrophe.
Le Précurseur
What would he have said if he had lived during the Council of Constantinople where there were three popes at the same time with each his own cohort of cardinals of Bishops, priests, saints etc.?
Let us pray that the Cardinal seeks from Jesus the courage to speak without equivocations.
adeste fideles
West Deutschland ?
Dr Bobus
Westerners = The Corrupt West. Who can argue with that?
"Westerners". Sarah with his bogey man "Westerners" again. As if Africa is the answer. He continues to announce his total loyalty to an apostate because his religion is VII novus ordo. 🤮
Was St Paul afraid to admonish and correct the erring first Pope St. Peter ? Was St Athanasius afraid to stand against a majority of heretical bishops and pope and suffer for the a Truth of Christ? Sarah and sundry complainers should ask themselves these questions, and stop pussyfooting round the elephant in the Vatican. They remind me of the apostles running away after Christ was arrested.
@Carmine3 I thought it was fear too, but they are not the same religion as the apostles. This article even states that in Sarah's mind he believes every current pope is the "right one" for his time. No, they practice a fake catholicism of the 60s, VII novus ordo modernism. This false religion allows you to hold contradicting beliefs.
Arthur McGowan
Sarah is proof that high office--even when one has been marginalized--is almost always fatal to intellectual honesty.
Arthur, what you say is true in an age of great moral corruption, but there were long ages in which high office in the Church flowered with the men of the highest intellectual honestly. Vatican II destroyed that, because it is intellectual dishonesty from the first word to the last.