Mercy and Parrhesia: Young Catholic Professor Fired

Maximiliano Loria, a young philosopher and professor at the University School of Theology in Mar del Plata diocese, Argentina, was fired.

The culprit for this misdeed is local bishop Gabriel Mestre who is known for his leftwing activism.

Mestre condemned Loria for having published Archbishop Viganó’s December letter on social-network.

Loria expressed no personal opinion about the letter, "My purpose was to stress that things are not going well in the Church.”

“I respect the Pope however, I cannot help but say that I find many of his gestures and words incomprehensible, for example, the fact that he allows a pagan idol to be worshipped within the walls of the Church,” Loria added.

Two hours after the publication, Mestre called the professor, claiming that the publication shows that he is not “loyal” to Francis’ “magisterium” and cannot continue teaching.

In April 2019 Mestre invited dissenting German Father Anselm Grün OSB to speak at the university. (January 6) calls Mestre’s behaviour “a masterpiece of hypocrisy.”

Picture: Gabriel Mestre, #newsOcnohcmime

Thors Catholic Hammer
There is no “Francis” magisterium.
The man is not now or ever in the past a validly elected pope.Neither he or any of the bishops loyal to him possess valid spiritual authority.
Pope Benedict never properly resigned the office of the papacy. He thus remains the only valid pope.
One by one the bishops are showing which side are they on ,in this case the bishop is on the wrong side ,And that is sad
Note the bishop's demand: loyalty to Francis' "magesterium" and not that of the Church. Catholicism is not a Papal personality cult.
Gestures and words only?? You are too kind my friend...
"Divorced persons who have remarried civilly, are in a situation that is objectively contrary to God’s law. Consequently, they cannot receive Eucharistic Communion as long as this situation persists." - Cardinal Robert Sarah