Roman Hero Priest Will Not Exclude People from his "Private Masses"

The German National Church Santa Maria dell'Anima in Rome announced on March 10 that, due to the coronavirus, all masses are "celebrated privately".

Yet the Rector, Rev. Franz Xaver Brandmayr, declared before VaticanNews.va that the faithful are not excluded from these Masses. He will celebrate his "private masses" aloud, preach and distribute communion.

It is clear to Brandmayr that he is going very far, but for him, the prohibition of public masses is a serious mistake.

He quotes a priest friend: "Right now we have to open the churches. We have to let people in, invite them to pray and repent."

Therefore Brandmayr explains: "If you want to close our church, you have to use physical force to make me do it."

Picture: Franz Xaver Brandmayr, #newsFyosiqvnev

Now that's what I'm talking about! Complying with the letter of the law and throwing a proud middle finger to the intent of it.
Frà Alexis Bugnolo
comfort ye
Thank Heaven! At least one priest hasn't lost his mind! (and soul).