Cardinal Pell don dey free - See im letter

Cardinal George Pell don win him appeal for High Court of Australia. Dem change the conviction wey dem give am for "abuse" charges.

Dem put am for prision for more than 13 months (404 days) after the Melbourne County Court convict am rongly. Now, him don commot go where dey secured.

The court find out say the jury "suppose doubt as e take concern the applicant guilt for the offence wey dem convict am for," and dem com command "say make dem scatter the convictions and the make dem declare am innocent and free instead."

The judges fyn say "e dey possible say person wey dey innocent don dey convicted becos the evidence no show say im dey guilty with the right standard of proof."

Cardinal Pell talk for im first statement say im no hold any bad mind for him accuser. Him give tanks for all the prayers and "thousands of letters of support" (full letter dey down).

Australia charge person wey dey innocent for this their wicked culture wey dey against Catholic. Pell na Dreyfus of Australia (wrong 19th century conviction for France).

Foto: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsXlxzkahles