This is a former Steubenville professor (Franciscans, neoconservative)

She no longer is employed at Steubenville. They cut her three years ago - but only after being pressured.
Hugh N. Cry
Having perused this gal’s writing, one can easily pigeonhole her in the following category: unfulfilled feminist angry at God and the world because of underlying guilt from some deeply immoral actions or tendencies. Typical hot mess feminist.
Fixated on purity? You mean, like the infinitely pure God?
Baptist John
Welcome to "The New Evangelization" and the Modernists' "Academic Freedom."
Jim Dorchak
R Bratt en's name is no lie. Fixated on herself.
Child of Our Lady
How about resonating with the 10 Commandments that are part of the Holy Bible. They are not the 10 suggestions.
Roberto 55
Blasphemy, get ready!