"the unconscious conspiracy" translated in english!


I do realise that my theory of the "unconscious conspiracy" may appear to be completely crazy. Nevertheless, the time has now come for me to reveal this "intuition" that I have carried within me for so many years. I see this as my duty, perhaps even as a "mission". I say it plainly: the aim of the "unconscious conspiracy" (unconscious in the first phase) is the complete extermination of the male sex, that is, the extermination of half of humanity. A perfect genocide in which not a single drop of blood will be shed. A genocide after the female fashion, gentle and non-violent, but nevertheless a true genocide. And this genocide will be accepted by men. For the postmodern woman, this possible biological development will be a new temptation. A kind of new satanic "apple", so to speak (is the postmodern woman the true biblical "Eve"?). A genocide for the good of mankind, which will be freed from the real evil ones (finally identified), namely men. Yes, a "participatory" genocide to which the victims will eventually consent through permanent guilt and repeated concessions. The two “sine qua non” conditions correspond, for good measure, to the creed of the "postmodern" woman, whose source comes from this lesbian feminist fundamentalism hateful of men: the absolute banalisation of abortion and homosexuality. This feminist credo is the "technical" tool essential for carrying out the enterprise of the global death of the male sex. On the one hand, "selective" abortion will be able to eliminate male embryos almost unnoticed. On the other hand, the universalisation of homosexuality, which is the true goal of gay marriage "for all" and "gender theory", will radically change the natural reproduction of the species anthropologically, namely by stopping the reproduction of the male sex. In fact, only women (for obvious biological reasons) will be able to reproduce through artificial insemination and later through cloning and the new technique of iPS cells (induced pluripotent stem cells).

When I call this conspiracy "unconscious", it is because the vast majority of women, including the "hardest" feminists, still have no idea of the ultimate goals of their business. It is a bit as if these women - without being aware of it - are animated by an irresistible and satanic desire and that is the desire to reject and completely eliminate the big "other", that is, the opposite sex. Perhaps one can see in this a desire for "omnipotence", a desire for autonomy in reproduction. The rejection of the "other" (i.e. man) in order to become "God" themselves. But this still remains diffuse for them. This conspiracy will indeed and for some time to come remain "unconscious". This unconsciousness is its strength. This makes it relentless because it is driven by a subliminal energy, so to speak. By the time this drive to eradicate the male sex will be conscious - and some signs are beginning to point to this - it will already be too late to stop this death enterprise, which, by the way, is being "sold" as salutary for the whole human species.

The chronology of the extinction of the male sex will necessarily begin with a radical change in the ethical values that have hitherto governed Western civilisation. Ultimately, it would only be appropriate to present this genocide as "acceptable". This genocide must be cleansed of any sense of guilt. This includes, among other things, the need to eliminate the great monotheistic religions, or at least to strip them of their substance, to "bleach" them. The basis of the ethics of the monotheistic religions must be "softened". In other words, the first phase of this genocide will be “cultural” genocide. Yes, biological genocide will be preceded by cultural genocide. This is the "sine qua non" condition for its successful implementation. Logically, the first part of this book will be devoted to the various factors and protagonists who, throughout history - and often without being aware of it - have laid the foundations for the execution of this cultural genocide. The second part will concern the biological genocide of the male sex "per se".

Although I often refer to the Christian religion, this book should not be considered "religious" in a strict sense. My theory concerns all people. This book is written for everyone, believer or not. I invite any person who should have difficulty with religious terms to replace God with "nature" and Satan with "pride and selfishness".
Jean-Pierre Aussant

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