Italy: Front Against Abortion-Tainted Medicine

59 physicians, pharmacists, lawyers, journalists and pro-lifers wrote an Open Letter to Bishop Athanasius Schneider in response to his February appeal which asks to fight abortion-tainted drugs and to oppose the abuse of the corpses of unborn children.

The letter stresses that the exploitation of fetal cells obtained from abortion victims is part of an enormous global industry. It concludes that those considering the use of cell lines derived from murdered unborn children as "normal" have lost both "reason and justice" as well as "the capacity for ethical judgement.”

Among the signees is Francesco Mario Agnoli, a former Italian magistrate and essayist, the publicists Marco Tosatti and Aldo Maria Valli, and Italian pro-lifers like Fabrizio Verduchi (Italia Cristiana) and Gianfranco Amato (Jurists for Life).