Lionel L. Andrades

Motion in Polish Parliament (Sejm) needed supporting the Tridentine Rite Mass

May 18, 2017

Motion in Polish Parliament (Sejm) needed supporting the Tridentine Rite Mass

Marek Jurek,former member of the Polish Parliament along with his new political party and the Justice and Law party, his old political party in Poland, could file a motion in the Sejm supporting the Tridentine Latin Mass with traditional theology and without the New Theology which is based on an objective and factual error.
Jurek could free the Traditional Latin Mass from the new irrational theology and allow it to be offered again, as it was done over the centuries in Poland.He could appeal to the Polish Parliament to adopt a motion to support the TLM with its past ecclesiology; its past theology.He could also ask the President and Prime Minister of Poland to clarify the obvious.They could announce that there are no practical exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) as it was known to the Polish saints.To assume that the baptism of desire is visible and an exception to the dogma EENS as it was known to St.Maximillian Kolbe, is an objective mistake in Poland today.This objective mistake is also being made by the Polish Conference of Catholic Bishops and in general by priests, nuns and the laity in Poland.
So he could ask the Sejm to clarify that Lumen Gentium 16, Lumen Gentium 8, Unitatis Redintigratio 3, Nostra Aetate 2, Gaudium e Specs 22 etc, in Vatican Council II, refer to invisible and not visible people in 2017.So Vatican Council II does not contradict the dogma EENS as it was known to St.Faustina Kowalska.Similarly there is nothing in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1995) to contradict the strict interpretation of the dogma EENS as it was known to St. Stanislaus Kotska or the missionaries in 16th century Europe.The Sejm must clarify that according to pre and post Vatican Council II theology accepted in Poland, all non Catholics need to convert into the Catholic Church as members, for salvation.The Catholic Church is the only Ark of Noah that saves in the Flood(CCC 845), God the Father wants all people to be united in the Catholic Church(CCC 845),Catholics are the new people of God, the Chosen People(Nostra Aetate 4).
Since there is no salvation outside the Church and nor the possibility of salvation according to the dogma EENS, there must be no separation of Church and State in Poland and the Sejm must proclaim the Social Reign of Christ the King over all political legislation, as was recommended by the popes.
An appeal must be made to the members of the Sejm to affirm this traditional Catholic theology and reject the New Theology which is based on hypothetical cases of the baptism of desire being visible exceptions to EENS.Invisible people saved in invincible ignorance are considered physically visible exceptions to no salvation outside the Church.This is not the irrational theology which should be permitted for the Traditional Latin Mass when it is offered in Poland or the European Parliament building.-Lionel Andrades
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