Vatican Green Lights Some Pre-1962 Liturgical Practices

The newest Ordo for the 1962 Old Rite Missal grants permission for a number of minor pre-1960 practices (pictures here).

The Ordo Divini Officii Recitandi Sacrique Peragendi 2021 which is published by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana, the Vatican publishing house, reinstates some abolished feasts "as an option". Examples are: Feast of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady, Feast of the Finding of the Holy Cross (May 3rd), Feast of St John Before the Latin Gate (May 6th), Feast of the Apparition of St Michael (May 8th), Feast of the Finding of the Body of St Stephen (August 3rd), Holy Maccabees and St Peter in Chains (August 1st).

Further, it allows the Corpus Christi Octave in some form where the devotion exists. In Septuagesima and Lent, the "Benedicamus Domino" can be used instead of the "Ite Missa est," and the Preface of the Nativity has been restored to the feast of the Transfiguration.


All the while Bergoglio is working to implement the apostate 2019 Declaration on Human Fraternity throughout the globe
Lisi Sterndorfer
Always nice to see expunged feasts being added back into the calendar.
Some jokes of the restore-54 movement