Normand Thomas

40. Perseverance

Continuous conversion is necessary if we are to remain strong in the midst of a boat being plagued by high waves, preyed upon by all the promises from the outside, all the illusions that sparkle on the water surface, proposed to us outside the Church.

May conversion be real in our heart and in the heart of our life. May we become lovers of God who loves us first. Let’s love God more and more.
Let’s ask Jesus’s perseverance to remain in him. It’s imperative, important today to rest completely, to anchor ourselves firmly in Jesus’s love, in order not to be tossed on the waves of life, from one side to the other. It must become a commitment to progress and stabilize our faith, by following Jesus Christ.

Perseverance in faith keeps us glued to our loving God who seeks our “yes” every day. No need to tense up our faces to move forward and be persistent, but let down our barriers one by one and believe in the ways and means received by the Holy Spirit, because God believes in us.

Let’s be vigilant. Let’s live our faith. This is the first assurance we need to get. Starting the day with the sign of the Cross. Staying in Jesus’s Heart. Jesus is Love. Jesus Loves us.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: A path to conversion, Normand Thomas