Coronavirus: Francis’ Vicar in Hospital (Video)

Cardinale Angelo De Donatis, 66, Francis' Cardinal Vicar for the Roman diocese, is in hospital (, March 30).

Some days ago, he showed a light fever and persistent cough, but continued working and meeting people.

Finally, he tested positive for the coronavirus and is now in Gemelli hospital, although his symptoms don’t justify a hospitalisation.

Nevertheless, he started an antiviral therapy with added antibiotics, and said that he is now “sharing the sufferings" of many.

His room is near the infected Vatican monsignor who also shows only irrelevant symptoms.

A search started for all who where in contact with De Donatis.

His secretary, press-speakers, all four Roman auxiliary bishops, and the canons of the Lateran basilica are now in self-isolation.


Now we know why the Vatican ordered 700 test kits. :P