Francis Suffers Temper Fit Because Of Polish Bishops

The document of the Polish Bishops’ Conference which corrects the heresies contained in Amoris Laetitia has been published before its ratification by the bishops.

Referring to excellent sources, Marco Tosatti writes on his blog (October 19) that this has caused “in the reigning Pontiff one of his not unprecedented or unusual accesses of bad mood.”

Tosatti also confirms that the president of the Bishops’ Conference was convoked to the nunciature in Warsaw and threatened with papal retaliation for the document.

Pointing to Francis’ Twitter message of October 19, “Let yourself be guided by the tenderness of God so that you may transform the world with your faith” Tosatti adds, “A bit surreal, isn’t it?”

Picture: © Martin Schulz, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsTczjffzdws
Temper, temper, Francis, the world is watching and you don't want to let the world what you are really up to, do you?
Valiant Woman
Yes, let him boil with rage. Cretin.
Good. Excellent. Let him boil with rage.
Go ahead Polish Bishops' Conference. Make my day!
This is bad what is going on in the vatican ,at the same gives a chance for those clergy to identify themselves where they stand in TRuth and we should be vigilants
we are with the polish bishops and any others that will stand for Truth