EWTN Calls Francis’ Words Problematic

Raymond Arroyo, the EWTN news director, called Pope Francis' word “problematic” according to which "undeniable facts" which are used to "discredit someone" are "not truthful". Francis made this wrong statement in his message to World Day of Social Communications.

On January 25 Arroyo pointed out that Jesus Christ called Pharisees and Sadducees “whitewashed sepulchres” and “brood of vipers” adding, "I doubt, he said this in order to lift them up and make them feel good. He probably offended and discredited all of them. But it was truthful.”

Arroyo points out that reporting the truth is a “disinfectant” and “a cause of good”. And, “It’s not less truthful because it hurts somebody.”

Picture: Raymond Arroyo, EWTN, #newsQyoctwfytk
It's not Francis' words that are problematic, it's Francis himself.
Marietta 427
Thanks, Raymond. We need this.