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Priest: Australian Bishops Allowed Becoming Freemason

Father Kerry Costigan, a retired priest of Toowoomba diocese, stated that the Australian Bishops Conference allowed Catholics to become "Australian Freemasons."

Costigan has been a member of the Ashlar Masonic Lodge for over ten years, he revealed on (May 16).

According to him, some “Catholic” freemasons asked the Australian Bishops’ Conference in 2016 to clarify their status.

The Conference's secretary answered that “any Catholic man may join Freemasonry as it exists in Australia as long as his conscience agrees." He asked however that a membership should be handled "discreetly" and "without publicity."

Costigan's Lodge stresses that discussing "religion and politics" is "forbidden" in Lodges as these topics are "the source of some of the greatest divisions and disharmony between men."

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Et voilà ! Ce qui était officieux devient de plus en plus officiel ! Mais ce n'est pas une nouveauté puisque la conciliaire est maçonnique depuis sa conception.
The 'New Mass' was designed by a team of Freemasons, so, in a way, why not? Just a sign of the nature of Conciliarism. There are many V2 priests who make an effort, but until V2 is condemned the crisis will continue unabated