Marc Anthony
Without the 2nd Amendment...the U.S. would already be a communist country. It's called self-defense and it is just in the eyes of God.
There is no place for guns with children or society. I really cant see Jesus supporting guns. 😭 😭
Louis IX
He literally told his apostles to buy a sword and when they travelled, no doubt some of his disciples wore swords. (swords were the sidearms of the times)
Take a good look, GTV. This is the kind of Australian who gladly voted away their right to own firearms, this right here ---> @G W
Thank you Ultra Violet. I hope GTV takes a very good look. In Australia shootings are extremely rare and never at a school, no metal detectors there and hopefully that continues.
Jesus said "Put your sword back into its place; for all who take the sword will perish by the sword." Matt 26:52
@Carol H Rittenhouse's rifle wasn't an automatic. It was semi-automatic.
Carol H
Clearly self defense. He didn't go looking to shoot people - he only pulled the trigger when he was being viciously assaulted. Don't agree with seventeen year olds running around with automatics, however, relieved he was found innocent of charges. His intentions were honorable.