Neo-Cardinal Contradicts Francis’ Amazon Ideology

There are 1,200 Catholics but ten times more shamans in Mongolia, Ulan Bator Neo-Cardinal Giorgio Marengo, 47, said (ReligionEnLibertad.com, June 14).

Shamanism is protected by the Mongolian constitution. Marengo, an exorcist, is aware of connections between shamanism and Satanism.

He recalls "common experiences of non-Christians asking priests to deliver them from the devil." But the question remains open how an exorcism could work on somebody unbaptised. Marengo himself stresses that the “master way” against the devil is prayer, Eucharistic adoration, and venerating Our Lady.

Marengo’s stance against shamanism contradicts Francis’ Querida Amazonian 78, “Let us not be quick to describe as superstition or paganism certain religious practices that arise spontaneously from the life of peoples.”

Referring to Amazonian shamanism Francis insists that “the Holy Spirit can work amid differences” (106) and that we should accept “sacred texts of other religions and religious communities” (107).