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Falsifying History: Francis Compares Present Liturgical Destruction with the Reforms of Saint Pius V

Pius V (+1572) was "a reformer of the Church who made courageous decisions", Francis told pilgrims (18 September) from Alessandria and Spoleto-Norcia who celebrated the 450th anniversary of the saint's death.

Francis claimed that Pius V renewed the Church's liturgy, before adding that Vatican II "carried out another reform to better meet the needs of today's world." In reality, the Vatican II "reform" was discarded just three years later and replaced by the disastrous Novus Ordo, which emptied the full churches within a few years.

For Francis, "much has been said about the liturgy in recent years, especially about its external forms" - as if form and content could be separated in the liturgy.

The greatest effort, he said, must be to ensure that "the [Novus Ordo] Eucharist" actually becomes "the source of community life". This formulation admits that this has never been the case in all these fifty years.

Pius V did not "reform" the liturgy, but only codified it. He banned all newly invented younger liturgies [like the Novus Ordo today] and decreed that the venerable Roman Rite must never be suppressed.

Yet Francis is trying to eliminate it, although or brecause this rite is the source of the most genuine Catholic communities around the world.


A good text by Fr. Hunwicke on the respect for liturgical traditions that St. Pius V had introducing Quo primum tempore:
S Pius V and Traditionis Custodes
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