Amazonian Bishop Proudly: „I Lived With Indians But Did Not Teach Them“

Bishop Gilberto Alfredo Vizcarra Mori, 59, of Jaén, Peru, a Jesuit, revealed during the October 23 Amazon Synods’ press conference that he spent one month in the Amazonian forest "in preparation of the Synod."

Two-thirds of Peru are part of the Amazon forest. Vizcarra said, “I walked with these people, spoke with this community, and I lived with them.” But, “I didn't go there to teach them.”

Vizcarra was twenty years a "missionary" in Africa. Already before being consecrated a bishop in August 2014, he hung out a month with the Aguaruna Indios in north Peru instead of spending his time in a retreat with God.

The question arises why Vizcarra agreed to become a bishop since it is the special task of a Catholic bishop to teach the Faith according to Christ's word to the Apostles, “Go and teach all nations” (Matthew 28).


Heaven forbid a Christian should evangelize to the pagans, like Christ instructed. That wouldn't be politically correct.
Novella Nurney
So what purpos does a prelate of the Church do ifvvhe won't teach the faith? If you are not going forth spreading the Gospels and to baptize all nations in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost as mandated by GOD, the sole mission of Christ's Church, how are you a Christian, much the less a Priest, or Bishop? Utterly useless and disgraceful worldlings.
Hugh N. Cry
Probably wanted to gaze upon naked pagan men rather.
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Cry of the earth? No, they are going to cry in hell. likes this.
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Jim Dorchak
Wow he became a PAGAN instead of his mission for them to become Catholic!
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To sum up the "missionary" bishops
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