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The new "variants" are invented to hide the genocide caused by false vaccines and to be able to continue to "vaccinate" indefinitely, in order to drastically reduce the world population, in accordance with the eugenic objective of the globalist elite that has created the "pandemic ": Las nuevas "variantes" se inventan para ocultar el genocidio provocado… - English with Spanish subtitles. and 7 more users link to this post
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'The hype that's been created currently out there doesn't correlate with the clinical picture.' A South African doctor who was amongst the first in the country to spot the Omicron Covid-19 variant says the UK has panicked unnecessarily.
people are brain washed
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The World is “Panicking UNNECESSARILY” About Omicron Variant Says Head of South Africa’s Medical Association, the Doctor Who Discovered the Variant, Dr Angelique Coetzee:
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In the mad mad world of covid zero even if there were no symptoms panic shall be the order of the day.