Bishops Terminate Synod With Cringey Dance Party - Francis Remains Seated

Before the vote on the Youth Synod's final document, Pope Francis and the Synod Fathers organised a Friday evening gathering (October 26) with youth auditors on the stage of Vatican's Audience Hall.

The auditors read poems, sang and danced. Among the performers was the Synod’s General Secretary Cardinal Baldisseri playing the piano.

The event degenerated into a dance immersed in meaningful lavender disco light when the dancing crowd invited the bishops to hop with them.

They also tried to grab Francis who did however not get up from his chair [who, at times, has troubles walking].


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It is prophesied that Sacre Coeur, Paris will be turned into a discotheque, So Why Not Vaticano?
La conciliaire n'est qu'une vaste discothèque, pour ne pas dire autre chose... mais je me tais car tout le monde a compris.
"It’s unhelpful to create doubt or ambiguity around issues of human identity, purpose, and sexuality, unless one is setting the stage to change what the Church believes and teaches about all three, starting with sexuality.” ~ Archbishop Chaput
Francis will add a photo or two of this malarkey to his 'cringe file.'