281. Follow or run away

There are two groups of people who follow Jesus. Those who really follow him and those who seek to contradict, to flee what Jesus is proposing. Whoever contradicts Truth rejects Truth. We can contradict a person, but we cannot contradict, without consequences, the Love of God.

People who follow Jesus give him space and time. Jesus needs space and time in our life so that we can observe and live through him. Let’s take some time with Jesus since we don’t know him, take time to discover who Jesus is and we will get to know him better for when we meet in eternity.

There are people who follow Jesus and who do not have open hearts, or they do not use their human intelligence to receive the Love of God. And even the words of Jesus, they will make fun of them, they will understand them in a negative way, they will make them obsolete, without flavour, without taste, without colour, without texture.

The scribes of the group of pharisees, seeing that Jesus eats with sinners and publicans, say to his disciples:
“Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners!” Mark, chapter 2, verse 16
This affirmation casts a doubt about Jesus. Jesus eats and drinks! How can Jesus be God since he eats and drinks? We can see that he is a man! Even worse, he eats with sinners and people of the world, of the public!

They do not know Jesus. They reveal their lack of discernment. Their theology resembles the desert that bypasses the city of Jerusalem. They are going to want to drive Jesus back into the desert, and then consider him dead to their eyes.

They closed their hearts, trapped by a bricked up knowledge gained from the past. They aren’t in the present. Then, to avoid following Jesus, they will also mislead people around them who could be touched by his words and gestures. While making fun of him, they refuse the advent of Jesus in their hearts and block it from the hearts of their contemporaries. Double fault.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s love God, Normand Thomas