Ratzinger: A Somewhat Rigid Liturgy Needed to Be Loosened Up

"I find it a little difficult to realise and practice completely new insights,” the late Monsignor Georg Ratzinger writes in his book “Mein Bruder, der Papst” (My Brother, the Pope) about the introduction of a new liturgy after Vatican II.

He was grateful that Regensburg Diocese, where Ratzinger was the conductor of the Cathedral’s boy’s choir, made the changes only slowly, “We still maintained the old liturgy as far as possible” and "new elements were only added gradually.”

Thus, Ratzinger was not confronted with a painful radical change but with “a gradual and somehow organic development over the years.”

He writes that the changes were necessary in order “to increasingly loosen up the somewhat rigid liturgy of that time.”

However, in the field of music, he had no use for “loosening up rigidity”. On the contrary, during the rehearsals of his choir, he was relentless and could rumble loudly in order to reach exactitude and perfection.

Picture: Georg Ratzinger, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsVbvoksmhxa

Alex A
R.I.P. You don't have to worry about the things of this world anymore. Just don't try to change anything 'Angelic' in heaven.
So "change" is okay so long as new elements are added gradually except when it affects something important, like liturgical music. :P "Change" doesn't work that way. When the Church choir is celebrating the marriage of two men, it doesn't matter what they're singing.
Alex A
Something 'queer' about this.
J G Tasan