Confirmed: Male Actor and Model Lived in Pro Gay Cardinal's Apartment

Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin admitted to the journalist George Neumayr (spectator.org, November 15) that the Italian actor Francesco Castiglione, 36, lived "temporarily" with him in Newark explaining that Castiglione was taking “language classes”.

Asked why the cardinal would provide housing to a random student, Tobin couldn’t explain. Neumayr confronted Tobin in the Inner Harbor Marriott Hotel in Baltimore where Tobin stayed while attending the meeting of the U.S. Bishops Conference.

Neumayr believes that Castiglione could have been the recipient of Tobin’s infamous February tweet in which he wrote to an unknown person, ‘Nighty-Night Baby, I love you’.” Tobin said that the later deleted message was for one of his sisters.

According to dibertiec.com, Castiglione attended English classes in 2018 at Catholic Seton Hall University which is affiliated with Newark Archdiocese.

Tobin lived from 1997 until 2012 in Rome. Castiglione was born in Germany, but his family moved back to Sicily when he was 12. He plays the main role in a Vatican film documentary about John the Baptist.

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Would somebody please tell this goofball to put some clothes on for crying out loud? You would think with cardinal "nighty night baby" footing the bill, he could afford a few shirts.
I heard rumours that he was hoping to gain Tobin's support to gain the role of "the promiscuous looking nude man" in this year's Vatican Nativity Scene.