Has Cardinal Sarah Been Cheating?

Early November, Cardinal Robert Sarah said that he felt “betrayed,” distancing himself from a book about Traditionis Custodes for which he wrote a chapter.

He clarified that he would have refused participation “immediately”, had he known that the book contained a contribution by Archbishop Viganó.

Professor Rubén Peretó Rivas who also contributed to that book, calls this statement “nothing more than a bluff” (, November 15). He witnesses that the editor explained to him “exactly” what the volume would be about and what kind of authors would be included.

Peretó concludes, “If the editor did this with a completely secondary character such as myself, how much more will he have done with Cardinal Sarah.”


The first thing they teach Masons is how to lie; and to lie consistently.
He knows that being associated with Vigano ruins his chances of papalbility in the next conclave.
"his chances of papalbility..." MFW...
가입을 원합니다
A priest said, there should have been a black pope before a black U.S. president.

The Prefect Cardinal Tagle's (↑ photo) dereliction of duty.
He is in charge of Asia , did not solve the Korean Church problem even though he read my petition twice last year.(my profile)
The problem in the universal Church in every nation is modernism.
But Cardinal Sarah your Eminence, Archbishop Vigano is guarding the sheep gate!
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