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Jose Roberto Arredonda-Ramos
Wait they made a virus to make a virus hahaha
Jose Roberto Arredonda-Ramos
I think any medicine you take there’s a risk I mean look at the commercials about heart diabetes or what ever it was may cause death.
GJA Taylor
That is right Jose, however who ever takes medicine for a no risk disease? People who swallow propaganda.
Jeffrey Ade
Swallow anything! But remember, this is carefully crafted propaganda and we only realize it because of the Graces God has given us but for which we do not deserve!
This is an EXCELLENT video. Unfortunately, family and friends have already had the jab despite my trying to alert them to what it is. So now I wouldn't share this video with them as it's already too late for them and I don't want to worry them. They can't reverse what they've already done.
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gut gemacht
Dr Bobus
I already received both doses of the Moderna vax.
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Raquel Espinosa
Every time this gets re-posted for the umpteenth zillionth time, Dr. Fauci kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens.
De Profundis
Remember those dystopian sci-fi movies from the 1970s? They’re now documentaries.
What Nietzsche said of Christianity, what was emphatically not true of Christianity, actually is true of Marxian materialism. It is a slave morality; a protest against particular authorities made by the spirit of slavery, and not by the spirit of liberty.
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Every time someone re-posts this cartoon, Dr. Fauci kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens!
We all got to stop calling it a "vaccine". ITS POISON!
Marilyn Estelle Plumb
Some things to think about
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Everyone needs to watch this
Ronald E Lee
Thank you for this valuable intel !
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Are you getting the vaccine? No, never
Doctor Fauci never looked that credible. At his best, he looks exactly like what he is: a scheming little rat happy to be the "voice" of the US government's covid hysteria.