Francis Cardinal: Synodality Is Vehicle To "Change Church"

Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin believes that Francis' election opened up the rest of the world to the "rich theological foment" of the Latin American Church.

The only "theological impulse" coming from Latin America was so-called Liberation Theologie, an off-shoot of Marxism which quickly disappeared after the end of Soviet Union. However, at the time, Francis, for career reasons, was still playing Conservative and would not want to have anything to do with Liberation Theology.

Tobin admitted at a May 4 webinar that “many” found the shift produced by Francis to be "uncomfortable." According to, he identified Francis' focus on synodality as the vehicle by which he hopes to usher in this new focus.

This is a “model of the Church,” Tobin explained, that “will require changes on how we do and are Church.” However, "synodality changes" have been implemented for years leading indeed to "changes" - in the sense of "downfall."

At least, Tobin admitted that synodality is one of Francis' “buzzword." According to him, the ones "threatened" by the "synodality process" are those with the most fine-tuned grasps of “all the norms and canons” - another evidence that liberals do not abide by any law or morality when it comes to pushing through their ideology.


If Tobin did some fasting perhaps his head would not be so fat with stupid ideas!
Lord have mercy on us ,because we do not know what we do ,More and more we want to do the wiil of the world ,instead we should do the will of God
Louis IX
If a Cardinal doesn’t know what he is doing who does?
Louis IX
What’s the Latin American Church? Is that the same as the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church?
Nah, it's like the German Church except the food is better. :D