Poisoning: Government Journalist Accuses Cardinal’s Mother

Elsa Solórzano, the mother of Managua Cardinal Leopold Brenes, 71, Nicaragua, attempted “to poison” Communist militants in June 1979, William Grigsby, the director of pro-government Radio Primerisima, claimed.

The Communists had occupied a church. In order “to show their solidarity”, Solórzano who still lives in Altagracia, and two other women sent them food. Grigsby claimed that the food “was poisoned” but failed to kill them producing only diarrhea, indigestion, and vomiting.

A month later, the Somoza government in Nicaragua was overthrown by the Cuban-trained Communist Sandinistas. After 41 years, Sandinista president Daniel Ortega is doing what he accused Somoza of: killing and repressing the adversaries.

There has been a July 31 fire in Managua Cathedral which Cardinal Brenes attributed to government circles.


De Profundis
The Nicaraguan cardinal sayed Mass at the entrance of the firebombed cathedral chapel
"producing only diarrhea, indigestion, and vomiting." She could do that just by looking at someone. Others may feel differently...