alfred dunn
Poor Belarus.
Alex A
There are millions of Catholics around the world who perceive Pope Francis as a 'wonderful, humble, and caring, Holy Father. Now, you and I may not agree with their sentiments, but given that is a reality why should we be surprised that the President, who is not Catholic, perceive Francis differently?
You really should read this, @Baptist John ;-)
He's president and he can't see that Francis is a horrible pope? Either he is blind or looking for something
Alex A
He's entitled to his opinion the same as anybody else. If you don't agree with his opinion, fine. Let us all, not get carried away with self-importance and self-righteousness, a reoccurring theme on GTV of recent times, especially with our Latino brothers and others.
Angelici Ordinis
Is this guy for real? I thought he was a traditional man, not a gay creep
F M Shyanguya
@Angelici Ordinis It appears they have their people wherever they were able to insert them.

Wickedness in high places.
F M Shyanguya
Revealing himself.