HIV Status: Homosex Orgy Priest Investigated

Father Francesco Spagnesi, 40, who was arrested in September for importing and selling drugs, including so-called “date rape drugs,” is also being investigated for failing to reveal his HIV positive status to homosex fornicators, Italian media report.

Italian law punishes this with up to 12 years in prison. Spagnesi was considered a successful pastor of Annunciation parish in Prato. He embezzled roughly 200,000-300,000 Euros of parish money.

He told police that he regularly takes HIV medication and never engaged in "unprotected" fornication, but at least 15 witnesses contradict him. Two of Spagnesi's prostitution partners have contracted HIV.

At an initial court hearing, Spagnesi explained that “the vortex of cocaine has swallowed me." Or, "The drug made me betray my parishioners, it made me tell lies, it made me do things of which I am ashamed.”

“I am now HIV positive with AIDS,” he said, adding, “I ask everyone for forgiveness.”


Hugh N. Cry
Lucky Strike1
O my....!Please pray violently for him!
He's got AIDS??? How could a man sworn to chastity catch an STV? Clearly this must have come from a contaminated blood donation or unsterilized dental equipment. ;-)
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Facts Not Lies
If an individual cannot manage temptation knowing it is extremely likely to be discovered... I am curious how this weak-minded person gained more of a role than acceptance into the flock.

Or, maybe this was his 'last hurrah'... still not indicative of a mind which should be leading more than a chain gang (IMO)
Please pray for him!
We need to rethink "successful pastor".
Father Spagnesi: "I ask everyone to forgive me". I hope that's true and he believes in sacramental Confession.