Hugh N. Cry
Lucky Strike1
O my....!Please pray violently for him!
He's got AIDS??? How could a man sworn to chastity catch an STV? Clearly this must have come from a contaminated blood donation or unsterilized dental equipment. ;-)
In mediaeval times there was practically no standing army at all; the whole people was a sort of feudal militia, called out & controlled by a spirit of locality. The sharp difference between disciplined & armed troops and a democracy entirely disarmed is a totally modern product.
Facts Not Lies
If an individual cannot manage temptation knowing it is extremely likely to be discovered... I am curious how this weak-minded person gained more of a role than acceptance into the flock.

Or, maybe this was his 'last hurrah'... still not indicative of a mind which should be leading more than a chain gang (IMO)
Please pray for him!
We need to rethink "successful pastor".
Father Spagnesi: "I ask everyone to forgive me". I hope that's true and he believes in sacramental Confession.