Fr. James Martin suggests that Newman was gay

If Fr Jim Martin can publicly wonder if St. Newman was "gay" despite no evidence, no writings, no professions of such, then what does it say that Martin himself writes and talks endlessly, profusely, and positively about things "gay" and "LGBTQXYZ"?
The Liberal Cardinal Newman Americans Don't Know:
Cardinal Newman is unworthy of canonization. You can read all about his liberal and heretical tendencies on the Tradition In Action website.
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This is a disgusting slur on the reputation of Cardinal Newman. Furthermore it is a sin of sacrilege.
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He needs to find a job with the Lgbtq movement ,he talks about it constantly.non stop
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Will someone remove this meldesome priest?
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
This queer never quits with his promotion of sodomy. He is not a father! He is not a Catholic. He is a sick depraved faggot heretic sending souls to hell.
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Great quote from Newman (Discourses to Mixed Congregations 17. The Glories of Mary for the Sake of Her Son)
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