Did Catch the Coronavirus?

The donations in Dublin Archdiocese have plummeted by as much as 80%, the reported on July 4. The priests agreed to a 25% drop in personal income.

The income of Shrewsbury Diocese, England, was down by a third. In New York Archdiocese donations have plunged 50%.

We at suffered a drop in donations during the coronavirus curfew in March and have struggled with our bills since. Unlike Dublin Archdiocese, we cannot lower our personal incomes because we have none.

But perhaps, you still have a few spare dimes to support May we humbly ask you to make a generous donation:

to donate with credit card or paypal via Kindful: click here

use a bank transfer to the account:
IBAN AT67 6000 0102 1003 6488


Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsLfiljgwplg

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