Bishops Angry: Francis' Natives Occupy Church Land

A group of natives in southern Argentina occupied land belonging to San Isidro Diocese (, October 29).

This isn't an isolated case. Another huge occupation in Guernica was only evicted today at dawn. The perpetrators clashed with the police. 35 were arrested and dozens wounded.

The bishops released a strong statement saying that nothing justifies "intrusion and violence at the cost of lives and rights of others" and that "the Church doesn't endorse the occupation."

Nevertheless, Francis dreams of natives being role models of the world claiming that they are "not opposed to progress, yet theirs is a different notion of progress, often more humanistic than the modern culture (Fratelli Tutti 220)."

comfort ye
Ok, we don't know enough about this. Usually, priests and sisters join with these people in protest of whatever it is. But if sacrilege is committed, are they protesting the Faith?
I'd be curious to know who's supplying the natives with sanitation facilities. I see turquoise"porta potties". Since that's diocesan land then the Bishop is within his rights to have such structures removed. The law might try to slow the inevitable removal of the squatters, but their departure can be encouraged by forcing them to eat, sleep, cook, and walk in their own filth.