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Francis Shows "Much Empathy" - But Then Does the Opposite

Cardinal Zen, 88, of Hong Kong criticises that the appointment of the new Hong Kong bishop "will not be possible without the blessing from Beijing".

Cardinal Parolin, he said, is following a policy of compromise and self-abandonment before the Communists: "Unfortunately, Francis also follows this line, I do not know why," Zen told (17 November).

In September Zen travelled to Rome to talk to Francis about the next Hong Kong bishop: "But that was not possible. I am sure that Cardinal Parolin told him not to receive me. Unbelievable!"

Francis always showed him "much empathy", but never listened to his advice, Zen reveals.


Jeffrey Ade
De Profundis
“The knowledge of the Cross is concealed in the sufferings of the Cross.” (St. Isaac the Syrian)