Again: Yoga In the Church

The New York City Parish Francis Xavier organises Xavier Yoga on Tuesdays in September. The event can be joined via Zoom.

The church is run by Jesuits. It is known for homosex "blessings" and a black privilege litany during Mass. (September 15) points out that the same parish organised already two years ago Yoga in the church.


De Profundis
This is only possible because of Nostra Aetate
St. Francis Xavier would probably weep to see his name being associated with a vile pagan religious practice , particularly an Indian Hindu one since he was an early missionary to that unhappy country.
Roberto 55
I bet, they all counting themselves as "catholics in goooooood standing"!
That's a common problem with a HUGE number of heretics and schismatics who self-identify as "Catholics".
Hugh N. Cry
The pastor is really bending over backwards to be relevant, but I think this is stretching it, in fact the Jesuit is just a poser.
Jim Dorchak
Hello! Satan!
How about they try praying instead of laying on the floor in their pajamas?
So let me get this straight... it's too dangerous with the "pandemic" to attend church to worship God, but fine to go to yoga class? Held in the sanctuary no less! Forget the smoke of Satan, the evil has arrived!
Jim Dorchak
I bet:
The same yahoo priest who allowed this would of had them arrested and banned from the Church for not wearing a mask during Mass.
I suppose that St. Francis Xavier does not recognize in those yoguits sons of St. Ignatius.
Demonic, please God intervene