Francis Complains About Boring Francis Media

Francis has "one concern" about the makers of, L'Osservatore Romano, Vatican Radio and the Vatican Television Center, he told them in a message tied to his May 24 visit at their headquarters.

These headquarters - the Communications Department - were created in 2015 to bring together the Holy See's media outlets.

Known for preferring the anti-Catholic oligarchs' product La Repubblica, Francis asked, “How many people listen to the radio and how many read L'Osservatore Romano?” - suggesting that the answer is: "few." He instructed the Vatican media to use their resources “to reach more people.”

The Francis media are indeed boring, especially because they imitate Francis and keep repeating yesterday's propaganda of the oligarchs. The Holy See spends annually over $52 million on its media projects, employing about 500 people.


😂 Great cartoon!
So much "concern" for Covid! Those masks! That social distancing! --and this is the pope who brays incessantly about "The Common Good."™.