Cardinal Pell: “I Was Targeted"

The oligarchs' journalists hated Cardinal Pell because of his positions in the "culture wars," he told Avvenire.it (September 29).

This made Pell "a perfect target for them,” especially for his defence of the Christian vision of family, life and sexuality.

Although the charges of homosex abuse were "frankly unbelievable" - rather absurd - the cardinal spent 400 days as an innocent in prison.

After his conviction, Pell heard frightening comments such as, “It is possible, perhaps probable that he is innocent, but the Catholic Church has done so many evil things and it is right that some of them suffer.” In reality it is a tiny minority of homosexuals who undercut the Church in order to commit abuses.

For Pell, abuses are not the Church's main problem but the weakened faith, the moral crisis of the family and pornography.

In prison, he mostly missed to “see outside” and to “celebrate Mass.” A "good and strong" nun brought him Communion every week. During his captivity, he received thousands of letters and many visitors, “I haven't lost a single friend.”


Worse, it seems those journalists may have had help and financing from inside the Vatican.
Louis IX
They knew exactly what they were doing, which all the more reason they need His mercy.
God bless you, Cardinal Pell. Dear God have mercy on his tormentors who knew not what they did.