Lady of style. (Did you know the woman on the left?)
The exhibition of the Bearded Woman at a show illustrates and does not destroy, the divine truth that a woman's hair is her glory. It illustrates the importance of hair; but it does not show that women have beards; it shows that they haven't.
The lady must be a liberal leftist ,in this case she is free from criticism
Pope Innocent lll
Now I know who purchased the green curtains, that I donated to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.
This princess should use the curtain's rod as her wand.
She could keep a lot of those Texans warm. Although she might be cold blooded.
You might laugh at the buyer, but I'm laughing at the donor for having such ugly curtains in the first place. :D
Louis IX
Matt Lucas is hysterical.
Thought she was a transgender on the left!!!