“New Theology,” “Very Vatican II” – Dead

Ramón Díaz Raña, 83, a theologian, writer, and expert in the work of Rosalia de Castro (+1885) has died (LaVozDeGalicia.es, June 6).

As a young priest, Díaz participated at Vatican II as private secretary of San Sebastián Bishop Jacinto Argaya (+1993) and was later the parish priest of San Sadurniño.

He made much noise and advocated a “new theology” which was very “conciliar” and very glued to the earth and to the people. He left the priesthood in 1992.

Dus een ongelovige priester, zoals alle priesters in de Novus Ordo kerk van paus Franciscus.
Sancte Teotónio
Another wolf in sheep's clothing