Spain: Francis Is Looking For “Less Conservative” Bishops

Over 20% of the Spanish dioceses are either vacant (9) or have a bishop who has exceeded the retirement age (6).

According to (February 26), the pro Francis nuncio has received indications how to procede in naming new bishops.

The first indication: The candidates proposed to Rome must have the “unanimous consensus” of the four active Spanish cardinals: Omella (Barcelona), Blázquez (Valladolid), Osoro (Madrid), and Cañizares (Valencia).

Cañizares used to be a “Conservative” under Benedict XVI but will rubberstamp any candidat, writes. The other three have always been anti-Catholic.

The second instruction: The nuncio must look for "less conservative" candidates – although out of the 72 diocesan bishops in Spain, less than a handful are Catholic.

The third instruction: The candidates must be aligned with the ideology of Francis, 82, who is no friend of “diversity.”

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsPtuvtocowe

Typical of the Pope's ineptitude. The Church today has no shortage of career opportunists.
Roberto 55