French Court Cancels Our Lady

An appeals court in Bordeaux, France, has ordered the municipality of La Flotte to remove a statue of Our Lady erected in 1983.

The statue was installed by a family after the Second World War in gratitude for the return of their father and son.

The court considered the statue a "violation" of the 1905 French law on the "separation of church and state" [= removing the church from public space].

Mayor Jean-Paul Héraudeau resisted the removal. French Catholic politician Karim Ouchikh, a convert from Islam, wrote on Twitter.com that his "heart bleeds when he sees how much our country denies its Christian roots."

Picture: © Louis-Pierre Laroche, Twitter.com, #newsIjoxxyryru

French atheists
P. O'B
I was going to write "damned atheists," but they aren't damned yet.
Those who have ordered this blasphemy against the Mother of God will pay for this - if not in this life, then definitely in the next --